The next generation of software development is going to be based on AI

Low-code and no-code are trends that can strongly drive the digitalization process of companies and organizations in the iGaming sector. This happens by offering the possibility of creating software developments, even based on artificial intelligence (AI), without the need for programming skills or with minimal knowledge.

No-code AI goes one step further and allows the creation of software products without having to write a single line of code. It is an option offered through digital platforms where the user is confronted with a visual interface where he can take preconfigured programming components and add them to his development object. The no-code platforms based on AI have many advantages, starting with the fact that they allow anyone to create programs and applications without programming (or with a minimum of code). This factor is a relevant lever for the digitization of online casinos.

In addition, it allows to generate computer developments in a faster and more agile way, since writing code is somewhat slow and cumbersome, especially for those not very familiar with this discipline. Finally, the use of this type of platform implies cost savings for iGaming operators, since they avoid much of the investment involved in traditional programming.

The so-called no-code AI platforms are an application of this philosophy to the development of products based on artificial intelligence. Through them, it is possible to create AI programs and applications without programming knowledge.

And, for those who do know how to write code, they are a tool to generate digital solutions in a much faster way. No-code AI puts AI within the reach of any online casino, without the need for them to have an IT department full of technicians or to spend large amounts of money hiring specialized providers.