Artificial intelligence can help land-based casinos better protect their customers

Casino operators are looking to use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect weapons before shooters enter their resorts. An Oklahoma tribal casino has been one of the latest to make this move, hiring an AI-based software company that promises to more effectively identify any potential shooters.

Located in Tulsa, the River Spirit Casino is committed to safeguarding the integrity of its visitors and employees. In order to create a more efficient prevention mechanism, the casino partnered with ZeroEyes, an AI software company capable of producing property surveillance camera feeds to detect firearm-related threats.

The ZeroEyes platform, upon detecting a firearm or related threat, provides real-time actionable information to law enforcement. This data includes the specific type of weapon involved and the exact location of the threat. This is helpful for the law enforcement team to act accordingly to the threat factors.

When it comes to the casino market, the security company says its solution is ideal for protecting both staff and patrons, as well as limiting liability by integrating enhanced surveillance technology into the casino’s existing security system. The Muscogee Nation-owned casino wants to get as much help as possible to avoid being part of the large number of resorts that are affected by shootings or armed robberies.

“Casinos across the US are hyper-aware of the potential threat of gun-related violence,” said Travis Thompson, director of compliance at River Spirit Casino. “Protecting our employees and customers remains at the forefront of our business, and ZeroEyes allows us to keep them safe without negatively disrupting the overall atmosphere or customer experience.”