AI is going to allow new forms of gambling that currently cannot be offered

The gambling industry has already seen a lot of improvements through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), but the technology is just now finding its place. Within the next couple of years, as AI improves and becomes more robust, it will lead to the introduction of new forms of gambling that now can’t be considered. Online casinos are going to be able to offer new solutions that will provide unique content and more opportunities, breaking into an entirely new era of gambling.

Trend betting is going to start to rise to the surface over the next couple of years because of AI. Gamblers will be able to place wagers on certain words, phrases or even concepts that repeatedly appear on certain websites, backed by web crawlers that can determine the proper count. Machine learning will be used to determine the odds, analyzing the content and the frequency of the target’s use in order to establish the criteria.

Sports gambling is going to receive a lot of attention because of AI. Next-generation wearables and implants will be able track vital signs that can, in turn, lead to novel gambling options, including everything from heart rate, oxygen intake and more. As with trend betting, machine learning will produce the algorithms to analyze the data.

AI could also help eliminate match-fixing. AI has the capability, as it continues to assimilate more data, to analyze the outcomes of sports events against historical data in order to determine if there is the possibility of something odd occurring. This will not only be an improvement for the fairness of gambling, but also for sports in general.