AI-based marketing solutions are proving to give online casinos a greater advantage

Marketing is a necessary function for any business that wants to succeed. Many companies feel that it’s too expensive to market their products or services, but the reality is that it’s too expensive not to market. Where competition is heavy, such as the casino industry, it is even more important to market properly to consumers and the iGaming segment has quickly adopted artificial intelligence (AI) to assist with marketing efforts. Using AI’s superior data analytics skills can be particularly useful in SEO (search engine optimization), and online casinos are taking advantage of that capability to improve their reach.

SEO allows businesses to achieve higher rankings in Internet searches, provided certain rules, protocols and policies are followed. These change frequently and being able to remain updated on the new requirements can be challenging. AI makes this easier, automatically scouring the web and search engines to understand what works and what is needed in order to drive traffic to the online platforms.

According to recent research, 84% of marketers are now integrating AI solutions into the programs, an increase of 186% over what had been seen three years ago. As it has advanced in popularity, it has also advanced in capability, and online casinos are making the most of the improvements. SEO-focused content creation is giving many iGaming platforms an edge, and AI is able to produce articles and blogs in less time than it takes for a marketing specialist to turn on the computer.

This isn’t to say that AI-based SEO solutions are able to perform the job in place of the marketer. Instead, it is able to develop content that is still managed by the marketing team to verify the content’s accuracy and message, but AI is giving that team the ability to focus on more strategic marketing efforts as it generates the necessary content to support that team’s goals.