Improved cloud security using AI solutions give iGaming operators greater peace of mind

While not all online gaming operators have taken a vested interest in using cloud technology, some are finding it indispensable in helping them manage multi-locational operations. One drawback previously seen as a deterrent, however, was security, which has kept some companies from considering cloud use. That has been changing recently, though, as cloud security has improved significantly through the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. As a result, the iGaming industry has been more willing to move to the cloud to handle certain aspects of their operations.

When cloud technology was first being introduced, applications were bigger but still followed the traditional pattern of scale-up and scale-out. With the introduction of containers, software that wraps around an application, cloud solutions have basic services and virtual operating systems. This allows the containers to run on multiple operating systems, independent of the internal application code parameters. As a result, data collectors are able to occupy a larger portion of the software makeup and run within the containers, collecting and delivering pertinent event data to stronger security monitoring apps that are built with AI. This is all done without impacting application performance.

As the technology behind cloud operations and AI continues to improve, both are able to work in tandem to provide more robust platforms for the iGaming space. These platforms can provide better options for users while, at the same time, increasing the security and transparency to which operators dedicate massive amounts of resources. The complex nature of the cloud requires the introduction of AI’s advanced capabilities to enhance security, but AI’s complex nature also means that it has to be enhanced to work better in a cloud environment. As iGaming operators embrace the cloud, they are also helping transform AI technology to help it become stronger and more all-encompassing.