AI-based customer service solutions allow the iGaming space to build better ties with its users

Online casinos collect customer data at a much larger scale than ever before. A large proportion of this data remains locked in databases, never to be used for the benefit of the operator. Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools now allow these operators to tap into the hidden power of the collected data by applying advanced analytics that can provide insight into trends and patterns not previously available. This, in turn, gives the operator the ability to provide a superior and more personalized customer experience, which has already been proven to have a positive effect on the overall customer relationship.

AI helps casino operators improve longevity and build more personalized solutions for their users. It also enables the creation of user communities that connect customers to others who share similar interests and knowledge. In addition, these customers can then assist in the co-creation of new products and services to help the operator continue to improve.

One specific area where the iGaming ecosystem is taking advantage of AI is with the development of enhanced chatbots. These are designed to identify what a customer wants in order to better, and more quickly, achieve the desired outcome. Using software powered by AI algorithms and natural language processing capabilities, today’s chatbots allow online casino operators to provide a superior customer experience.

With enough quality training data and sufficient time, AI-based chatbots continue to improve over time. Each new interaction an operator has with a customer delivers additional data for training that helps the chatbot contextualize the questions better before selecting the appropriate response. The accuracy of these answers is one of the primary metrics that also provides a level of trust that users have when interacting with the brand.