Artificial intelligence is becoming the primary foundation upon which most iGaming operators build

First, there were land-based casinos and then, almost as quickly as the Internet exploded, online casinos were introduced. However, these remained stagnant for years as they waited for technology to catch up. That is now happening and artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a driving force behind virtually all iGaming platform operations. Newer operators just getting started are using AI as the foundation for their platforms, building all of their solutions around the technology in order to provide a faster, more secure experience to users.

The iGaming segment, at its core, is perfect for AI and is rapidly introducing new operational capabilities centered on the technology. Customer service is one of the primary areas that is benefitting from AI, as operators employ live chatbots that can automatically and accurately interact with users to solve rudimentary problems. On those occasions where more detailed support is needed, the issue can be transferred to a live employee in order to assist.

One of the fundamental issues of digital transactions of any kind is fraud. This can be a deliberate attempt to break into an online portal in order to steal funds or it could be cheating by a user who is looking to take advantage of weak spots in the digital code to develop an unfair advantage. Both of these, as well as platform security, are easily combatable through AI, as it is able to record all of the data arriving on a platform and analyze it in seconds. It can flag any suspicious activity for further review and suspend accounts instantly if it perceives a threat.

AI is still considered a nascent technology that has a lot of tweaking to be done. However, the technology is advancing rapidly every day and the iGaming segment is embracing the changes just as quickly.