Artificial intelligence continues to shape the payments space through innovation

Visa and F5 have recently announced a partnership aimed at empowering merchants to create a secure, personalized and seamless online experience. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), an initiative like this could work perfectly in the iGaming industry. Many operators are looking to get the best possible tools to take their payment systems to the next level.

The global leader in digital payments believes that its partnership with F5 will be enough to help merchants safely reduce login friction for customers. Online casino players have faith that online casino experiences and transactions with the platform will be both secure and seamless. However, the bad actors in the online world make this sometimes difficult to achieve.

Thanks to this new partnership, iGaming operators will have the opportunity to provide players with a safe, personalized, and seamless shopping experience. F5 uses behavioral analytics and AI to securely recognize returning customers. As a result, logging in with a password and name will no longer be necessary.

Thanks to F5’s combined tools, online casinos can now also access fraud defenses and bot detection to protect the entire platform. “Together, F5 and Visa will deliver innovative and secure solutions for Visa’s merchants to more effectively engage customers at the beginning of their online journey. Security is at the core of everything Visa. This exciting step with F5 reinforces Visa’s commitment to securing the payments ecosystem and protecting all players within it,” said Jack Funda, SVP, Business Development & Partnerships, Global Merchant Sales & Acquiring at Visa.