As cyberattacks have become more sophisticated, so have the tools casinos use to combat them

Cyberattacks have taken on a new form recently, driven by groups of cybercriminals, instead of rogue, independent hackers. This allows them to increase the scale of the attacks, but the tools to fight them have been improving, as well. Online casinos, with the unparalleled need to protect massive amounts of sensitive data, are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to thwart potential cyberattacks.

Although cyberattacks have become more elaborate, the tools used to fight them are more complex. AI harvests information to help online casino security analysts work smarter and more efficiently, giving them the ability to quickly respond to potential threats. The analysts are also applying AI to teach computers about the language of security using techniques like natural language processing in order for the tools to become even more robust.

Advanced AI-based cognitive systems are able to learn and reason from the interactions they have with humans in order to augment rule-based programming. With AI and analytics, online casinos are able to improve threat detection, getting in front of any potential problem before it becomes a real threat. They are also using predictive analytics to rapidly identify potential network anomalies analyze user behavior patterns to uncover potential risks, both outside and inside the platform.

By applying AI to behavioral biometrics, online casino operators can identify their users better by evaluating keyboard strokes, mouse movements or how they use mobile devices. This analysis enhances cybersecurity and creates an improved and seamless user experience. Close monitoring of the AI algorithms, as well as the data being input, is critical in keeping AI security solutions updated to meet any new potential threats.