AI-based augmented and virtual reality are reshaping how the online casino industry grows

Tomorrow’s online casinos will not be the same as today’s versions. The online gaming segment is the fastest-growing segment, able to capitalize on the myriad of technologies and innovations that are constantly being introduced. At the heart of the transformation is artificial intelligence (AI), which is enabling the implementation of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions that, only a few short years ago, would have seemed like science fiction.

The online casino segment is able to provide a range of innovative solutions for gamblers. However, it has come up short in offering a realistic casino experience, complete with all of the nuances gamblers have come to enjoy. AR bridges that gap, giving online casinos the ability to supplement the gaming experience and add new characteristics that enhance the virtual visit. For example, online casinos can use AR to give gamblers the ability to see when a particular slot machine made its last big progressive payout, which many use to gauge whether to play on that machine.

VR gives online casino operators the ability to offer unlimited gaming options and environments. It is used to enhance the interaction between gamblers, as well as to allow them to establish their own virtual surroundings. Two gamblers can be at the same table, one virtually sitting on a beach and the other enjoying a relaxing afternoon in front of a fire in a hotel in the Swiss Alps.

AR and VR are rapidly becoming the norm and, as equipment prices become more economical, they are gaining more attention. Over the next several years, the way gamblers interact with casinos is going to continue to shift, and the gaming experience of tomorrow is going to be much more advanced than what it is today.