Innovation in virtual reality is helping develop a whole new era of iGaming

The idea of a virtual reality (VR) casino may have seemed like something only of science fiction movies a few years ago, but it’s curious how often real life follows sci-fi. With artificial intelligence (AI) now taking center stage in a lot of gambling innovations, VR is gaining ground, as well. VR-based online casinos are a lot closer to becoming the norm than most gamblers may realize.

The past couple of years have seen massive advancements in AI and VR technology, and a lot of the growth has been fueled by the iGaming segment. The thought of being able to visit a real casino online was not realistic until recently, but AI is helping casino operators produce VR-based digital casinos that offer every aspect of a physical gambling facility, including the ability to interact with a live dealer.

2020 has seen a lot more improvement in the online gaming experience, pushed mostly by the global COVID-19 pandemic and the forced shutdowns of casinos seen everywhere. This has been the catalyst for online casinos to innovate at a record pace, bringing into the mix more AI and VR solutions. Many operators have already started moving to cloud gaming, which is often seen as a basic precursor to offering complete VR casinos. What’s going to emerge, most likely within two to three years, is a robust online gaming experience that allows gamblers to interact with every aspect of a physical casino in almost exactly the same way they would if they were visiting the actual property.