The future of online gaming is going to be a lot different than what is currently seen

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of online services in replacement of physical interactions; however, current technologies cannot yet deliver an experience that resembles or improves what is being offered in real-life scenarios. Therefore, multiple industries, such as online gambling, are making extra efforts to deliver a more life-like experience to their customers powered by the functionalities of emerging technologies like as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR). Innovations coming from the integration of these technologies are paving the way for the future online experience, which is bound to take players into a virtual reality world that takes care of all those aspects that engage gamblers in physical casinos.

According to a recent analysis, it is expected that, by 2021, nearly $520 billion will be bet through VR gambling – that figure represents an 800% increase over what is currently happening in today’s market. The race to gain the largest market share is mainly focused on customer acquisition and retention, and online casinos are starting to offer VR casino games like slot machines to engage new players and for longer periods. As technology improves and VR gear gets more affordable, developers are working already on creating full virtual casinos where impressive architectures similar to land-based casinos can be featured, and where gamblers could be doing anything you do in a casino, even socializing.

Whether it is crowded at a game, sitting around the poker table or even taking a walk down the Las Vegas Strip, virtual scenes have the potential to develop to this point within the next decade. With the arrival of AI, beyond offering a virtual world, new technology can help operators take proper care of each customer thanks to the level of personalization that can be achieved. Adding social interaction components to virtual casinos like social areas, virtual bars and even access to concerts and similar events are part of the ideas that operators are working on to attract a new generation of players who could be served with the best customer service thanks to casino personnel that is being powered by AI.