An injection of more than $1 million will help the gaming solution improve its offerings

The process of developing a new technology will absorb plenty of time and funds, but, when the end product has plenty of functionalities, the investment is well worth it. Artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually getting away from its initial phase, and more companies are proposing new and creative applications through new software, which is empowered by AI technology. Gaming is a booming business, so it is not strange that new AI-empowered technologies are also designed specifically to make gaming better. A recently patented technology called Anybrain takes the power of behavioral data and AI, so that online gaming can be fairer. The solution is gaining strength, as the group behind it just received a significant investment from a company for further technology development.

A French venture named Trust Esport is investing $1.1 million in the company. Matthieu Dallon, founding partner of Trust Esport, commented after the release, “Several pain points still limit Esports when it comes to online competitions, especially in terms of security and fairness. The solutions provided by the highly qualified team of Anybrain will quickly become standards and will contribute to the future CSR policies of the major companies of the gaming industry.”

Anybrain was founded by a team from the University of Minho in Portugal. It uses AI to process data to create a cloud-based security solution, and its features focus on “player identification, fraud prevention, age control and fatigue tracking.” Andr√© Pimenta, CEO and Co-Founder of Anybrain, adds, “After more than four years of research and development, we are very proud and excited to open our technology to the global gaming and eSports industry.”

The gaming scenario continues to have a close relationship with AI and several other technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), as it has served as the testing ground for new applications. Both land-based and online casinos, including poker sites and sportsbooks, can utilize this technology in their favor. The fairness of the game is one of the stigmas that online gambling is still carrying to date and that AI could potentially change.