The world of gambling is going to be completely different five years from now due to AI

eSports and online casino gaming were once unknown industries with minor successes, but, in the past few years, both sectors have become multi-billion-dollar industries expanding across the globe. One of the main reasons behind the whopping growth experienced is that they thrive on the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, which is almost a necessity in order to stay ahead of the competition. Beyond the impact that it has had until now, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are making dramatic contributions to both industries that will only boost their popularity even more.

Given that they eSports and iGaming both digital experiences, it makes sense that AI plays a major role in its operations. Both industries already offer many online platforms that are using – and even creating – unique algorithms that are improving the experience for users. AI allows companies to create unique and specific experiences that will suit the taste of each player, which is something that seems impossible without AI.

Another way in which eSports and iGaming are being impacted by new technologies can be seen in the massive competition that has been gaining impressive popularity in recent years. Even mainstream sports like basketball had some NBA players participating in online basketball tournaments. But eSports are not alone – online casinos, poker sites and sportsbooks are also working on taking down those barriers and host competitions that are drawing large crowds to play.

eSports and online casinos are contributing to the economy, as well, by creating new professional careers, with both industries changing the way things run in the world of entertainment. What started as a hobby is now a professional activity that counts on a massive number of professional players who are making a lot of money. AI is bound to take both industries to even higher levels, with the goal of expanding even more across the world and attracting new audiences by offering to people exactly what they want. Alongside AI development, there will be additional careers and needs for the industry that will bring new growth opportunities to more people.