Mailchimp is bringing in AI to help marketers make easier work of their activity

The online gambling industry is quite large, but it is also a very competitive one; therefore, the operators who are finding success in the industry have a special focus on marketing strategies. These efforts involve the implementation of well-designed strategies and a decent budget that can be invested in to drive more traffic to a particular site. Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has been added to marketing strategies via tools that are being developed by Mailchimp, which focuses on marketing automation. Mailchimp is introducing new tools to help online businesses like gambling to grow their audience in a more efficient way.

Mailchimp just announced its brand-new AI-based tool that is coming to the market to help business owners to take full advantage of tools that are already being used by large corporations. This is something that can favor smaller online casinos and sportsbooks with features like content creation, process automation and data-driven decisions. All the data that is being processed through these tools somehow helps the software to make business recommendations to small businesses based on machine learning.

Among the innovations powered by AI brought by this company, there are plenty, starting with Stripe integration. With this tool, casino operators could add a Buy button to their website and turn it into a feature that can process a payment – the company already accepts payments from 41 different countries and the integration supports more than 135 currencies to choose from.

This tool also offers a creative assistant service, which is a tool that automatically builds specific designs based on a few collected inputs, and it will go live for businesses on October 11. Additionally, the software can help operators make smarter decisions based on machine learning models that can suggest new products to customers, based on what interests them the most through the customization of times, subject lines and more.