looks to offer an end-to-end marketing platform using artificial intelligence

There are already quite a few AI-based platforms that can serve as a great advantage to the iGaming industry today. However, is the first end-to-end platform of its kind for personalized lead information, account intelligence, creative content, and intent-based data. This will undoubtedly take digital marketing at the various online casinos to another level.

With the introduction of this platform, marketers in the gaming industry will now be able to easily align their service and player success goals with revenue growth and attraction to online casinos. AI-based makes use of a large database that identifies what players’ intentions are and what their usual habits are once they are online. AI capabilities are routed to the right players at the right time, providing users with opportunities for real-time engagement, which turns prospects into well-qualified players.

In order to discover these types of potential players, the platform uses actionable and predictive information to deliver more successful marketing results, and the iGaming industry could take a step up the ladder in this regard. “Most platforms were not created as a one-stop-shop for all your marketing campaign needs,” said Snehhil Gupta, chief technology officer at Bython Media, creators of “Now, you get a full set of end-to-end capabilities including account intelligence, lead insights, marketing automation, and creative content, powered by AI and wrapped in a simple, intuitive platform to run smarter campaigns.”

The platform is expected to launch this fall and marketing professionals can visit the website for an early demo.