AI can now effectively respond, giving iGaming operators a better customer service solution

COVID-19 has come to change in a big way how too many industries have to operate, especially when it comes to customer interaction. Contactless business has become more than necessary, and both employees and customers are required to interact with systems to get what they need or request. The iGaming industry was not exempt from this new modality, but thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), it can provide a superior experience to any player on these platforms.

Conversational AI expands the scope of current chatbots from rigid, pre-set responses to intelligent, adaptive action. Conversational AI is said to be any software that learns to enable humans and computers to talk and work together in a more natural way. This, in the iGaming industry, has generated a boom among gamers themselves, who, no matter what the question or even the time, will always have a coherent and personalized response.

Conversational AI is designed to be predictive and personal for the most complex and fluid responses and those that lack a predefined scope. The goals are to better understand players, perform more efficient actions with fewer steps, and work naturally. The result is a step closer to human decision-making.

Many online casinos have started to implement digital customer assistants. These are responsible for connecting a user directly with the company’s services without human interaction. These include personalized assistants on online casino websites, branded applications, or self-service applications to make withdrawing winnings easier.

Thanks to conversational AI, all communication channels are available to the user 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That sense of fast and constant support is key for an industry like iGaming, especially because it has a portfolio of customers who stay connected no matter what time of day it is.