Artificial intelligence helps iGaming operators save money and improve internal procedures

What was science fiction just a few years ago is now a reality. Artificial intelligence (AI) is generating solutions that are becoming more and more integrated into everyday life. And it has also become a great ally for the exponential growth of companies, especially those dedicated to the field of services or those that need to interact with users on a large scale. Casinos have begun to notice how the integration of this technology makes their organizational efficiency much higher.

In the past year, one in three casinos has implemented an AI tool. In the customer experience sector, contact centers make use of these tools in order to provide greater flexibility, and a more effective interactive experience, optimizing resources, costs and streamlining processes.

AI offers immediacy in response as well as hyper-personalization of the message thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. In other words, interaction with the virtual assistant is natural and close, which translates into a very positive customer experience. The optimization of the call management process and the improvement in customer satisfaction will lead to an increase in the adoption of these types of applications.

Confidentiality and data privacy are two vitally important pillars for contact centers in these countries. In this sense, customer identity verification is one of the friction points to be taken care of when developing an experience. To this end, AI, in particular biometric identification, has evolved to the point of verifying in just three seconds whether the biometric signal received is real, that of an identity, or whether it has attempted to be forged.

Improvements in customer experience originate from a company’s greatest ambassadors, its employees. The automation of processes also means making workers’ tasks more efficient, relieving the burden and saturation of contact center agents. In this way, the employee experience will be more satisfactory, providing the agents with human value, feeling useful and decisive, allowing them to retain the talent of the agents.