The artificial intelligence-based data solution is helping casinos advance their oversight

OPTX, the casino intelligence agency that provides cutting-edge services based on artificial intelligence (AI), continues to close important deals throughout the industry. Muckleshoot Casino does not want to be left behind in the competition, and that’s why it has now shaken hands with the technology firm for comprehensive solutions in slots, marketing, and player development.

The casino industry is known to have a high level of competitiveness, and only the operators that remain innovative in their approach are able to survive. OPTX has been offering its services to meet those quality objectives, and Muckleshoot Casino does not want to miss that opportunity.

In addition to eliminating inefficiencies by improving the best possible practices to support casino operations, Muckleshoot Casino will utilize OPTX in all of its departments to streamline the resort’s operational processes. In order to accomplish this, player data will be analyzed and collected and presented in a clear manner.

With information like this, the casino will be able to develop concrete strategies for customer retention and satisfaction rates. “By selecting OPTX, Muckleshoot will have access to data that will create an unparalleled 360-degree view of its operations,” said Brooke Fiumara, co-CEO of OPTX. “OPTX will enhance its ability to implement data-driven strategies and operational alignment across the board.”

The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe property appears ready to take the next step, and OPTX was seen as the best option. According to Valdemar Maldonado Jr, Executive Director of Gaming Operations, optimizing operations is a key strategy, something that will be possible thanks to the most advanced principles in AI and data modeling.