The Mississippi gaming property is the latest to embrace artificial intelligence

OPTX, the revolutionary casino intelligence firm, continues to help a number of operators across the country in their quest to optimize operations. The company’s rapidly expanding business portfolio has now made room to welcome the Palace Casino Resort in Mississippi. It is clear to the management of this resort that artificial intelligence (AI) has become an essential tool for casino businesses, and that is why they do not intend to miss the opportunity provided by OPTX.

OPTX bases its business on the analysis of complex data in order to provide real-time recommendations and insights to operators within the casino industry. Its growing portfolio now has Palace Casino as one of the guests invited to take advantage of this type of technology.

“I am confident OPTX will boost Palace Casino Resort’s overall profitability through our proactive database management and identification of slot floor opportunities,” commented Brooke Fiumara, co-CEO of OPTX. OPTX’s technology, through web and mobile applications, is intended to transform the way properties manage their data. Fiumara concluded that the team is pleased to have joined forces with Palace Casino Resort as they aim to take the resort to the next level of casino operations.

According to the announcement, Palace Casino opted to obtain the Marketing, Player Development, Slots and OPTX Connection modules. OPTX is at the forefront of the casino technology sector through its intention to reshape the future of data. The technology firm has worked around the clock to provide a tool that will be used across multiple departments to create a single source of data.

“Being able to replace multiple operational systems with one integrated platform is exactly what we needed to make smarter and faster decisions,” said Keith Crosby, General Manager at Palace Casino Resort. “OPTX allows Palace Casino Resort to get powerful analytics via an intuitive, streamlined, single system. Our team members are constantly on the move and having a mobile solution that can keep up is a win-win.”