The poker analysis tool uses artificial intelligence to improve their game

What is PokerSnowie?

While there are already a number of tools available to give poker players ways to improve their performance, there is one that stands out from the crowd. PokerSnowie approaches poker training differently than most, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to teach players and also instantly analyzes games as they are being played to accelerate the learning process. The solution offers training for tournaments and cash games and is one of the most robust poker learning tools available.

PokerSnowie Features

Poker players can play games against PokerSnowie, using the platforms AI-based algorithms to learn. The application offers suggestions on how to respond to different moves and, at the same time, shows expected hand values based on different responses. It also provides detailed information on why certain decisions might be smarter than others based on the given scenario. PokerSnowie users can also configure the app to run pre-set game models to analyze each move in the hand, offering a better understanding of why one decision in a particular instance would be a better choice than another.

PokerSnowie is also capable of analyzing live and in-game hands, not just pre-configured ones. Users can upload their hands to the app, which will then analyze how the hand played out before offering alternatives that explain why certain actions would have been more valuable based on all of the available data.

PokerSnowie Pricing

The software isn’t free, which shouldn’t be seen as a deterrent. When it comes to trying to become a million-dollar poker player, making an investment is necessary. However, PokerSnowie is priced affordably so any player can access it.

  • Intermediate $99.00/annual
  • Pro $229.95/annual

PokerSnowie Drawback

Possibly the only drawback to the app is its inability to consider poker reads; however, it covers almost all of the other bases, and, as poker AI improves, PokerSnowie is likely to learn how to read players, as well.

PokerSnowie Conclusion

So, all in all, this is a piece of poker software that you’ll want to have in your collection of tools if you want to work on your game and continue to grow as a player.
For the serious analysis, you’ll want to get the Pro version, as it includes the standard features as well as PokerSnowie Hand Range and Range Advice as well as 120,000 real money hands you can analyze every month (the Intermediate version only includes 8,000). Finally, with the Pro version, you also get 3,000 scenarios a month vs. 1,200 included in the Intermediate one. Both versions also have mobile apps you can install on your phone.