Artificial intelligence is becoming more intelligent, offering greater online protection

Today’s cybercriminals are taking advantage of any situation to break into systems where they are clearly not welcome. It has even been reported that this group of malicious individuals has taken advantage of the pandemic to impersonate World Health Organization (WHO) officials to deceive large numbers of people. The iGaming industry is not exempt from these scenarios, but, thanks to the implementation of predictive artificial intelligence (AI), a great shield can be put in place to prevent this from happening.

In order to have a better understanding of this technology, it must be clear that a predictive AI model is responsible for collecting and analyzing data and then offering different recommendations that can serve perfectly to prevent various cyberattacks. Nowadays, there are many areas such as cryptocurrencies or online casinos where hackers are looking for easy money, and that is why gaming operators have sought the best alternatives based on AI to defend themselves in the best way.

Predictive AI was designed as an intelligent tool that can help organizations, including online casinos, to deal with cyber threats before they occur. This tool is applied in security operations centers (SOCs) and works in real-time. Its capabilities are good enough to defend against data breaches, malware and ransomware attacks.

AI is already being adopted in data analysis and network monitoring, where it is used to determine a baseline of normal behavior and identify inconsistencies of different types, such as unusual traffic patterns or anomalous server access. As the algorithm learns and progresses, predictive analytics can be implemented to detect such intrusions early on, while defensive responses are implemented and monitoring alarms are triggered.