The iGaming platform is the latest to embrace artificial intelligence-based solutions

RAW iGaming, known for being an innovative force developer, has decided to join forces with Future Anthem in an effort to provide a comprehensive analysis of game data at the player level. Its partnership with Future Anthem comes in order to utilize its portfolio optimization product, Anthem Amplifier. According to the release, artificial intelligence (AI) plays a big role in this move.

Through Anthem Amplifier, the company has the ability to interpret player behavior at scale to provide predictions, intelligence, and actions that can be applied to portfolio decisions, product design, and player safety when placing a bet.

Powered by Anthemetrics AI, the iGaming industry’s first gaming data science platform, Anthem Amplifier will open the door for RAW to gain in-depth analysis of every bet players place within its platforms.

Amplifier’s task is to collect and aggregate game, metadata, player behaviors, and game data to support qualitative conclusions needed to focus on corresponding player behaviors for RAW. As a result, the company will be able to increase its performance in creating, managing and launching games in a highly competitive market.

One of RAW’s most notable creations has been the SuperSlice game engine. The firm has always taken the initiative to revolutionize the industry while utilizing wheels instead of reels to provide a completely new format of casino gaming.

“RAW believes in using data to build better products and Amplifier will allow us to understand how players are engaging with our new SuperSlice games so that we can find our secret SuperSlice sauce and deliver experiences players really want, truly helping us to be the pink sharks in the sea of sameness with this new gaming format,” said Tom Wood, CEO of RAW iGaming.