The online gaming operator is using AI to enhance the user experience

As time goes on, more and more operators within the iGaming industry are noticing that artificial intelligence (AI) is the solution to many operational concerns. React Gaming Group has certainly reacted to this trend and, to that end, has just announced its new year plans to enhance the capabilities of online eSports betting platforms and tournaments. Both Loot.Bet and will benefit from the integration of Al applications and machine learning (ML) techniques.

Having launched, React Gaming is set to further develop its universal and accessible eSports tournament platform. Thanks to the innovations found through AI and ML, the firm will be able to realize an optimized Intelligent AI Tournament System, paving the way for it to scale with demand and facilitate and run online eSports tournaments in a much more effective and straightforward manner.

In other words, users will have the opportunity to explore the exciting possibilities of AI technology to stumble upon a revolutionized online eSports tournament space. The company made it clear that its mission is to use AI algorithms to develop the fairest and most competitive tournaments possible in real-time.

Loot.Bet, on the other hand, would leverage the benefits of AI to generate live data integration, in-game analytics, personalized recommendations, predictive models, and many others. Both ML and AI will work hand in hand to make it possible to provide high-quality information that could be very useful for people betting on React Gaming’s Loot.Bet eSports platform.