The casino has partnered with Robotic Assistance Devices to deploy a robot security guard

The relationship between the casino industry and new-age technologies is increasingly close. This time, the Red Hawk Casino in Placerville, CA, has been selected by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Solutions to be the deployment location for a ROAMEO mobile security robot through its wholly-owned Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) subsidiary. The move had been previously announced in a press release late last year.

“The industry’s interest in ROAMEO is building, and we’re building ROAMEOs as fast as we can,” said Mark Folmer, president of RAD. “It’s great to be able to identify Red Hawk Casino as the next deployment for ROAMEO.”

In addition to this, RAD made it clear that it is producing a series of online videos that are able to document Red Hawk’s ROAMEO deployment and manufacturing process. Through AITX’s YouTube channel, the first installment of ‘ROAMEO: From the REX to Red Hawk Casino’ can be viewed.

VP of IT at Red Hawk Casino Christer Farr said the property is extremely eager to have AI-based technology in its possession. ROAMEO will no doubt become a much-needed asset to its security team as well as an attraction for many guests.

ROAMEO is a mobile security robot. It weighs over 700 pounds and stands nearly seven feet tall. According to the company, this robot is responsible for autonomously patrolling a property and monitoring everything that happens around it.

At the same time, it reports back to the control center everything that happens, especially if there are anomalies. The security robot’s dual 21.5″ web-connected touchscreens serve to provide customizable information and concierge services for guests it may encounter while patrolling.