The casino is the latest to embrace AI options to enhance its gambling activities

More casinos continue to rely on the technology solutions offered by OPTX, the Las Vegas-based software company focused on the analysis of complex player data. Through its artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform, casino operators get real-time information and recommendations to make their operations more efficient. The latest to join the OPTX portfolio is River Rock Casino

River Rock Casino will now have access to the full suite of player development, slots and AI products offered by OPTX. The intention of the casino professionals who founded OTPX is to make the industry nothing less than unbeatable. “We needed a best-in-class product to help our player development and slots teams,” said Sue Ascanio, CEO of River Rock Casino. “OPTX is the product we’ve been looking for to provide easy-to-use solutions that will make our team work smarter, not harder.”

OTPX addresses the unique challenges that operators like those at River Rock Casino face on a daily basis. The trusted team of platform creators is focused on solutions that employ strategies to enhance all areas of the casino experience and give it a sustainable competitive advantage.

OPTX is an end-to-end solution firm focused on marketing and campaigns, slots and player development and AI. Available through mobile and desktop applications, OPTX uses the intelligence of its data to create actionable recommendations for casino operators.

As a result, it ensures that no actionable players are lost while allowing teams to spend less time compiling data. This opens a window of more time to implement strategies that increase various operations such as revenue, visitation and guest profitability.