Artificial intelligence continues to become integrated with all facets of online gaming

The online gaming industry has been the guinea pig for new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), and everything that can be improved through data collection. The advancements in machine learning and AI are more solid with time and testing, and recently a new AI technology is coming to reshape the online sports gambling activity and bring more traffic. Scientific Games, has just announced a new partnership with AI firm, to bring customized recommendations and tailored betting choices to its customers through a new AI software.

The model is called OpenSports, and it aims to integrate the AI service along with the goal of increasing sports gambling through personalization. Bettors will be getting from the system, in real-time, information regarding sports, league, team, event and market recommendations in a very personalized way using Scientific Games’ OpenMarket solution.

OpenMarket is the first platform of its kind in the industry, and it represents one integrated location in which partners can access sports betting intelligence, data feeds and tools. “AI is pioneering new technological frontiers, and we’re thrilled to partner with to incorporate it into our sportsbook products,” said Keith O’Loughlin, SVP for sportsbook, digital for Scientific Games. “Players want a tailored experience, and with, we can offer a more deeply personalized experience through our OpenSports products than ever before.”

This new software can bring impressive leverage to online sportsbook operators, Andreas Hartmann, CEO, said that usually, a gambler enters at any time of the day to the online sportsbook only to find thousands of events happening. So this software will bring “Help for the user to find their favorite team’s game, or to see what’s going on in one’s personal favorite league, is often not going beyond targeted banners based on pre-selected user segments, or the often-hailed, but rarely used ‘Favorites’ feature,” said Hartmann.