Artificial intelligence continues to become an integral part of online gaming

The growth that the iGaming industry has been going through during the last couple of years has been influenced by several factors. One of the main reasons is the constant advancement of technology that is allowing operators to offer unique experiences for gamblers; innovation has been reshaping the course of the industry since its origins. The main protagonist of the most recent innovations in the industry is artificial intelligence (AI) and its easy integration into other parts of the operations. Ai is empowering one of the most recent trends in the iGaming industry: social media betting has been gaining interest from more people due to a more convenient way to engage in betting activities.

This new situation means that iGaming platforms are focusing on offering social media betting features that are using AI to prioritize the needs of customers. This is done through enhancing player-centric experiences in which players can bet on the major social networks and messaging apps like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and Viber. Human interactions, even if online, will never decrease since humans are social beings; therefore, adding features of social interaction to gambling activities is attracting a wider variety of players. Social media has become, as a result, more than an established tool for gambling venues to keep customers engaged and it has been used for several years to share new promotions with customers, public relations and even corporate responsibility.

AI has an important role in this activity as it helps improve the customers’ experience through personalizing the features considering what a specific customer likes. Especially with the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, which requires large operators to migrate all innovations from desktops to mobile. The use of mobiles as the main device for future iGaming allows companies to better integrate other services like integrating blockchain technology in mobile gambling platforms. It allows a safer environment for both players and operators as cryptocurrency deposits can eliminate the risk of sharing sensitive credit card information with iGaming platforms, and operators can turn to this deposit method to reduce attacks from fraudulent card users.