All facets of social media marketing are enhanced through artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken on an indispensable role in social media marketing for the iGaming industry. This is primarily due to its capability to simultaneously perform various tasks with precision accuracy. As the social media industry has become a vital segment for iGaming operators, it is gaining a lot of attention from AI solutions that can evaluate and craft social media strategies beyond humans’ capabilities. It is expected that the AI market in social media will be worth around $2.2 billion within two years, and iGaming operators are making sure they take full advantage of its benefits.

AI allows operators to have a better understanding of their target audience. It can scan all of the activities of the target audience and subsequently present what interests consumers the most. With those insights, operators are able to improve their social media posts to make them more attractive to prospects. AI also provides ideas to produce more engaging copy that can increase viewers’ attention.

AI is also capable, to a certain degree, of doing much of the work of a social media manager on its own. It is able to analyze campaign performance, gather data on the target audience, track activities on social platforms, manage paid ads and more. It evaluates various aspects of social media, providing a report on the areas that need improvement. Through comparative analysis of past and present posts, it can provide details on different aspects, including performance, traction and engagement.

The process of following what people say about a brand on social media channels is referred to as social listening. Since most people check reviews on the Internet before engaging with a brand, operators must monitor social media consistently and focus on limiting the negative comments. AI solutions scan the entire social media network and alert operators of any negative comments about the brand, giving them an opportunity to address the issue.