Artificial intelligence is making ID verification easier for gaming operators

Identity verification processes face three major challenges: security, agility and scalability. If we talk about security, fraud by impersonation is the big problem to attack. The iGaming industry has had to suffer from these issues for a long time, but it seems that through the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), this may be forgotten. To make this a reality, casino and sports betting platform provider Soft2Bet has joined forces with the global leader in identity verification and authentication, Onfido.

The technology used by the latter company has been highly awarded for how it uses facial biometrics and AI to verify user identities. All of this results in a much more secure and convenient experience for both the gaming operator and the user. This platform integrates the automated incorporation of players and streamlines all the requirements for their respective registration. This makes it easier for Soft2bet to validate the real authenticity of all its new users, in a much more efficient way, so they can start using the available games without any delay.

The process is very simple. Users just take a selfie and a photo of their government-issued ID and Onfido takes care of the rest. It validates that the documentation is genuine and then compares it with the user’s face. This ensures the legitimacy of the owner.

AI is revolutionizing identity verification processes by automating biometric and document authenticity analysis. This automation enables the construction of agile and scalable processes while allowing much higher levels of security to be established for online casinos. These features are more than desired by the gambling industry, given the imminent increase in identity theft fraud. It is clear that verification processes that include multiple dimensions of analysis while maintaining relative ease of use are set to prevail in the marketplace.