AI is going to usher in an entirely new customer experience for sportsbooks

These are completely unexpected times for the sports betting industry, as it never occurred to anyone that something could cause all sports in the world to be halted. The industry has been affected in a way that cut its income to virtually nothing; therefore, companies are looking into new options to cut down costs and try to stay alive while the world finds a new normal. Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have had an important role in transforming the industry and its benefits are more vivid during these coronavirus times.

As AI looks to integrate and automate any kind of process, it can function easily alongside other technologies. This is especially true for AI and IoT and what they can do together. The IoT feeds the computer will all data from sensors, wearable devices and digital assistance devices, which is then processed by AI-powered software that can analyze the data and make a proper, well-informed decision, depending on a specific scenario. This is all achieved without the need for human intervention, and this integration has been renamed the artificial internet of things (AIoT).

The sports gambling industry has been taking advantage of these tools in recent years, AIoT helps sportsbooks operators to deliver well-tailored platforms that are compatible with smartphones, tablets and betting apps. The result is a more efficient and effective gambling platform. Starting with data storage, the system collects all data from customers’ actions within their accounts regarding bets and can even predict future decisions without the player being there. Besides that, the data collected helps the platform know the gambler’s favorite games to make sure they are displayed at the top, which avoids wasted time in navigating through pages.

Betting ads are also powered by AIoT that can track visits to sportsbook sites from any device and, in the future, offer bookie ads showing trending offers. In addition, sports bettors can be on top of the latest games going on and receive updates about them, even if they can’t watch the game live.