WagerWire is using artificial intelligence to give bettors enhanced data

The world of sports betting continues to grow, and this has led to more and more platforms wanting to join the list. With the level of competition increasing as the trend continues, some operators are looking to enter into strategic alliances to keep their operations among the favorites of users. In order to empower its sports bettors, WagerWire has now included artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to the equation. This has been achieved through its partnership with AI Platform Quarter4.

The secondary marketplace for sports betting futures tickets, WagerWire, has set about the task of developing a cutting-edge platform that gives bettors the facility to benefit from offline movements as well as momentum shifts by buying and selling tickets on its portfolio of assets. The user, through the platform, has the ability to enter and exit futures bets throughout the season. This ability resembles that of an investor executing stock trades on Robinhood.

The NFL season continues to get hotter and hotter for the betting market. WagerWire is quite clear about that, and that’s why it has formalized a partnership with Quarter4, an Ontario-based AI-based predictive sports analytics provider. The agreement allows WagerWire to use the provider’s data to unveil player patterns and game forecasts via its social media channels.

“We decided to join forces with WagerWire because of our shared vision of user and bettor empowerment,” Quarter4 CEO Kelly Brooks told Sports Handle. “WagerWire aims to empower users to leverage their bets as assets, creating multiple applications for a bet rather than a singular outcome to make the best decisions.”