GAMEFACE.AI is now part of Slinger, bringing additional AI capabilities to the gaming space

Sports betting may now receive a big boost in the market. Slinger, a sports brand focused on innovating game-enhancing technology and equipment with a vision to become a sports company, has signed an agreement to acquire GAMEFACE.AI, an award-winning provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology for sports. Sports betting is beginning to have a large presence in many states across the country, and news like this further encourages its growth.

Slinger announced earlier this week that it is acquiring GAMEFACE.AI’s leading AI, performance analytics and data collection capabilities to better leverage its connected sports and technology offerings. GAMEFACE.AI has been recognized for offering cutting-edge technology and is already developing AI systems for the upcoming Slinger app, including instant analysis of groundstrokes and biomechanics, as well as event recognition of game situations, all captured through a phone’s camera.

“The acquisition of GAMEFACE.AI is the next step in our evolution towards building a disruptive, world-class connected sports company and enables us to serve our customers in new and exciting ways,” said Mike Ballardie, CEO of Slinger. “We have been so impressed with the technology expertise and software development capabilities of the GAMEFACE.AI team as part of their involvement in building out our Slinger app, and now look forward to bringing them in-house as a portfolio company as we build new software and technology products for tennis and other sports.”

Through this company’s technology, Slinger Bag is able to offer technical and tactical information through its AI video platform. The agreement will result in Slinger now owning all of the issued and outstanding shares of GAMEFACE.AI in exchange for 6,666,667 shares of Slinger common stock. Based on the closing price, the deal was worth $24 million. Slinger says it will finally be able to take what it has built so far to new levels, which will help the company expand to meet all of its future plans.