Artificial intelligence continues to take on a more prominent role in the gaming space

It looks like the gaming industry stands to benefit greatly after the announcement of the acquisition of 13 Strides, the visual content studio for sports, by Stats Perform, a leader in sports data technology and artificial intelligence (AI). The entire gaming industry is going through an evolutionary phase that is, in a large way, being influenced by the power of AI.

It is well known that today’s sports media movement is on the rise, which is why Stats Perform has made this acquisition as part of its strategic approach to help industries such as betting to be more successful in their market, especially when there is too much competition. Today’s gaming operators are faced with the challenge of capturing and attracting enough attention from players through multiple media, such as broadcast, social media and more.

The goal of 13 Strides products is to empower all gaming operators who are now part of the Stats Perform portfolio. With this, the betting industry will now be able to rely on much more useful tools, in addition to the richest sports data and most advanced AI on the market today.

“Imagine the power of combining the world’s best sports data repository and the most advanced artificial intelligence with this simple and fast way to create compelling graphics,” said Carl Mergele, CEO of Stats Perform. “That’s why we are so excited to welcome 13 Strides to our organization. With their expertise in fan engagement and our data and artificial intelligence, we can empower our clients with the solutions they need to truly delight their fans.”

Engaging sports fans has sometimes not been an easy task; however, now the betting industry can take this platform by hand to develop their way of interacting with new bettors and continue to see steady growth in the market.