The AI tool increases the aggregation and compilation of data used by the sports betting industry

Stats Perform, the leader in sports data technology and artificial intelligence (AI), recently announced a new set of advanced football metrics through the implementation of live Opta Vision data feeds for the football season kicking off in September. Opta Vision represents a new generation of deeper sports data and will be a game-changing tool for the iGaming market.

By blending Stats Perform’s industry-leading Opta event data with tracking data to create a single, merged data set, Opta Vision has the potential to offer a richer view of performance to professional teams. It will also generate exciting new opportunities for broadcasters and publishers to generate new stories.

Opta Vision will come with tracking data that includes stadium footage from camera systems installed at match venues. As if that wasn’t enough, for the first time, it will see the collection of remote monitoring data from video sources, leveraging the latest computer vision technology.

“We are very excited to be introducing the next generation of Opta data to our customers. By synchronizing events and tracking data and then utilizing our AI capabilities to generate enriched insights, we will be empowering performance analysis departments at teams, as well as a broadcaster’s production team, to identify new performance trends and tell great stories of the game.” Nancy Hensley, Chief Product Officer at Stats Perform, said.

The merged data set also utilizes Stats Perform’s AI to generate fully enriched data results. New data points and predictive metrics include information related to dynamic changes in a team’s form during a match.

In addition, several pass prediction results will also be included that are trained on millions of data points. These consider the movement of attacking and defending players in the moments leading up to a pass.