PokerStars is actively working to keep bots and other illegal assistants off the platform

There are a number of “helpers” on the web today that can give poker players an edge in online play. However, most of them, with the exception of hand calculators and a few others, are illegal, as they are viewed as giving an unfair advantage to players. Some of these instruments, notably, poker bots, are built around artificial intelligence (AI) to tip the scales in the user’s favor, and poker sites are actively working to eradicate their use. PokerStars has, for years, used a dedicated team whose sole purpose is finding and eliminating the artificial software while, at the same time, ensuring that users found to be in violation of the site’s no-bot policy are properly punished for their transgressions.

PokerStars doesn’t divulge how it works to prevent bots from being used, but a number of players have learned that the site’s proactive measures are working. While it isn’t known if PokerStars uses the option, the Online Poker Security System, developed by Poker Innovations, is one of the most advanced tools and is said to be able to almost instantaneously detect cheating, bots, collusion and other forms of “anomalies” that give some individuals an unfair edge.

AI is making it possible to determine who might be using bots by tracking players’ in-game activity. It can analyze every move a player makes and uncover patterns that are not typically found at the table. After all the years that online poker has been available, there has been a serious amount of data accumulated, and this data can be interpreted in a matter of seconds to uncover questionable actions at the felt. The technology is only getting better each day, which will enhance AI’s ability to identify issues more often and with more accuracy.