Tomorrow’s casinos will be nothing like the casinos of yesterday

The gambling industry has survived and conquered by adapting to changes that occurred across the last five centuries since the first gambling venues first appeared. To date, casino games like roulette or craps are still among the most popular. At the same time, other developments have allowed the industry to stay current and bring new trends to the market, such as mobile gaming and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to casino operations. With these and other technologies emerging, such as virtual reality, trends in the casino industry are bound to transform the industry permanently.

AI and Robotics are becoming rapid trends. AI has been around for a while longer, but it wasn’t until now that it has been adapted and integrated to enhance other technologies. Specifically, in the casino industry, integrating robotics might be a futuristic topic, but there is already an AI-powered bot that could defeat professional poker players in a poker match. Deepstack was able to learn the basics and improve its game on the go.

Robotics can also represent a huge improvement in the customer’s experience; some Las Vegas casinos have integrated AI-based features like check-in kiosks and even small robots that can deliver towels and toothbrushes straight to the customer’s room.

The casino industry took a big jump into the online era, and online gambling platforms have emerged welcoming different audiences. Younger people are attracted to online gambling due to new ways of integration with social media that allow innovations in marketing, as well as real-time leaderboards and competitive tournaments that have become more popular. Now the trend for online gambling is to deliver an experience as immersive as the real one can be, with new games being designed offering live dealer options so gamblers can have all the experience from home.

Another trend ready to take over the customer service area during this new era are chatbots and customer support. Besides providing a resolution to a request, this AI-powered assistant can be used to deliver special offers to members or give updates on membership status, and even enhance the casino experience with a restaurant recommendation.