Land-based casinos have more access to AI tools as they continue to automate

Intelligent Insights, a platform comprised of different tools to monitor and manage process automation (RPA), solutions, and bots is one of the innovations based on artificial intelligence (AI) that TELUS International has created to better develop the gaming industry.

With the launch of Intelligent Insights, casinos will now have the facility to track their digital operations on a single, simple AI-based platform. With this, they will now be able to monitor cost savings, effectiveness, and innovation opportunities in a simpler and more agile way.

It is well known that, over the past few years, many of the operators involved in the gaming industry have increased their spending on automated solutions in order to maintain a more stable connection with players, ensure the continuity of the industry as such, as well as achieve the efficiency needed to address different challenges, especially those caused by COVID-19. That said, there has been a proliferation of bots and a huge reliance on AI. The main idea is that online casinos can optimize performance and offer an increasingly better experience to players who register on their platforms.

“The pandemic made automation a top priority and continues to be a key part of the ongoing recovery as organizations must simplify operations, reduce costs, transform and elevate the experiences of their employees and customers, and create the ability for teams to brainstorm, innovate and improve the value of work,” said Maureen Fleming, program vice president, Intelligent Process Automation Market Research and Advisory Service at IDC.

During the tough times, it is clear to say that the gambling industry was highly affected, but recovery can become an easy aspect to achieve through these types of AI-based platforms. Operators have made allies of these innovations to keep the flame of business burning, and it has proven to have great positive results.