Gaming operators have to go where the consumers are, and they’re on social media

Today’s social media platforms account for some 2.77 billion users and are responsible for the vast amount of data they hold. With the ever-increasing technological advances in social media, it is clear to say that this figure will only continue to grow exponentially. Artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing has become an essential tool for modern iGaming marketers, allowing them to focus on more data-driven strategies.

It is clear to say that social networks have become a powerful channel that can generate a great commercial presence for any gaming business. Through these platforms, gaming operators have the possibility to advertise, market, and promote their services to a specific audience. However, this is sometimes not an easy task.

With the implementation of AI-based tools, iGaming marketing teams can find a great ally to take their marketing activities and social media plans to another level. According to a recent study, 35% of online casino players have no hesitation in talking to a bot as long as it is available to them in a timely manner. In addition, it has been noted that 75% of gaming operators that choose to use AI help them increase user satisfaction by more than 10%.

Social media marketing experts can exploit the rudimentary principles of AI in order to understand all about human psychology and its implications in real-world scenarios. When social media marketing automation leverages AI, it helps to understand and track various aspects of user behavior. Today, different platforms based on this technology help you see how much time a player spends online, what kind of content they consume, what is the exact reason for their social media usage, etc. Once this information is obtained, the iGaming industry can have a clear advantage to know what the players want and don’t want and have more tailored marketing to their needs.