Horserace gambling just got a huge makeover that will drive interest higher

Horse racing has been around for centuries and gambling on the races has been around almost as long. However, it has always been a niche market that attracts a certain type of crowd. This may soon be changing, though, and artificial intelligence (AI) is driving a new era of horserace gambling that is going to increase interest in the activity substantially. The horserace betting market is about to get much livelier.

This past weekend, the Breeders’ Cup saw something no one has witnessed before. The race organizers teamed up with Oculus, Facebook’s virtual reality (VR) solution, to create a VR broadcast of the 2020 World Championships. Because COVID-19 is still making live attendance difficult, or non-existent, the idea is to provide a solution that will bring the live race into fans’ homes, giving a complete environment that allows them to feel like they’re at the races.

Breeders’ Cup Senior VP of Marketing Justin McDonald explained before the race, “With fans not allowed to attend this year’s World Championships, Venues presented the perfect opportunity to create a truly immersive live experience that they can enjoy from the comfort of their living rooms. This broadcast completely reinvigorates the remote viewing experience and brings fans closer to the World Championships than ever before. We’re excited about the potential that this technology holds and hope that our fans find it as captivating as we do.”

This is similar to how casinos are adopting AI and VR to provide online casino atmospheres that mimic being at a physical casino. The technology is creating an entirely new concept in gambling, one that is going to endure going forward. All types of gambling activity are benefiting from AI, and the technology is only just now being truly explored for the industry.