Artificial intelligence is becoming a primary asset for iGaming innovation

Strategies in the iGaming industry to offer a personalized, bigger and more attractive service have grown at a proportional pace, especially as players become more and more demanding. According to Sergei Belikov, CEO of Mobinc, artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, proving to this market to be an effective tool to carry out a myriad of processes in an agile, fast and effective way.

Belikov is aware that there is a great need for technological advances in an industry like this. He agrees that AI, software programmed to mimic human tasks, is becoming one of the most promising solutions. Although AI shows potential in different sectors, Belikov argues on strong grounds that the iGaming sector is particularly suited to benefit from it.

It has been more than demonstrated that AI has essential functions for analyzing huge amounts of data, which helps to correctly identify future outcomes and highlights in real time its ability to improve the results of a betting house or online casino. This cutting-edge technology takes no time at all to evolve to the point where it can identify and collect quality data on its own.

“The right use of AI will also allow us to exceed player expectations with a highly personalized experience,” the CEO explains. When AI is applied correctly, everything a player does on a site can be used to then provide them with services that match their real needs and preferences.

AI has enormous potential for the iGaming sector. Operators in this area who want to boost their offering in every possible aspect, from player acquisition and retention to player segmentation, should keep up to date with the evolution of this technology, just as Mobinc is doing, Belikov concludes.