The artificial intelligence-based technologies are becoming integral components of online casinos

For years, the technology behind augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) was only advancing at a slow pace. However, that has changed recently as the fundamental driver of their capabilities, artificial intelligence (AI), has improved. The enhancements seen over the past two years have provided an entirely new view of what AR and VR can offer and the online casino segment has quickly worked to integrate the solutions.

Both AR and VR help to shape human-computer interaction and online gaming. They have both already started to become a primary component of casino operations, with each able to serve the gaming industry in their own unique ways. VR allows users to interact seamlessly with a virtual world that includes simulated, but realistic, visual and audio elements. AR uses real-world input to create a virtual world without distorting the real-world elements. It relies on AI-based graphics enhancement capability and animation to interpret the real-world elements, combining them with the virtual components to create a one-of-a-kind solution.

Going forward, VR is going to give online gaming enthusiasts a completely immersive virtual gambling experience that blocks out the outside world. At the same time, however, the experience could mirror that of an existing land-based casino, allowing the gambler to enjoy the casino as if he or she were actually there. AR can provide a similar result, incorporating a land-based casino’s environment as a backdrop that includes virtual gambling elements.

Gamblers, because of these AI-based solutions, no longer have to restrict themselves to gambling online against just the house. Instead, VR and AR make it possible for them to gamble against other users, increasing the social interaction aspect of casino gambling that has always been popular. This has already found its way into several online gaming platforms and widespread expansion is expected to be seen within the next couple of years.