Artificial intelligence tools are offering significant improvements to iGaming operators’ marketing

Of all the professions that require a human touch, sales and marketing are at the top of the list. These areas are all about human interaction, convincing someone that they need what you are selling and/or offering. The best salespeople and marketers have superior communication skills to accomplish this. However, with the introduction of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in the iGaming industry, these employees have been able to find a tool that elevates their level of knowledge even further.

Marketers need to focus on advertising but often spend a lot of time on time-consuming manual tasks, such as entering meeting notes and emails into the CRM. Research has shown that CRM reps spend only a quarter of their time selling to customers. A.I. frees marketing reps from tedious administrative work by automatically tracking communications, appointments, and other core sales activities.

Intelligent tools give marketers in the iGaming industry immediate information about the player so they can better understand a customer’s needs. This helps them build trust and loyalty.

In this way, marketers get a complete view of the customer. It allows them to understand such points as where they have visited at the online casino, the solutions they use, and their interactions with the organization. This saves them time and enables them to deliver the personalized interactions that customers value.

A.I. can also be used to develop intelligent email content curation. It is quite possible to see these teams spending long hours compiling and scheduling weekly emails to a large segment of customers. AI-based algorithms can map a subscriber’s online casino experience and email browsing data to understand all of the individual’s interactions with the content. Using this information, marketers can more efficiently and effectively create personalized emails for each user.