Today’s iGaming space is rudimentary compared to what will be possible going forward with AI

Few innovations have disrupted the casino industry in a positive way more than artificial intelligence (AI). It is now found in different aspects of physical gaming, but is making an even bigger impact in the online gaming segment. The push for greater inclusion of AI and its subsets is only beginning and, in just a few short years, the entire iGaming industry is going to have a completely different look and feel than what it does today.

AI is leading the charge for better big data processing in the iGaming space. As opposed to brick-and-mortar properties that have personal interaction with consumers, iGaming operators are inherently more passive. However, AI is allowing online casino operators to capture greater amounts of data regarding player habits and trends, and convert this information into a more entertaining gaming experience without the need for human intervention to process the data and create usable outcomes.

Gaming enthusiasts can start getting ready now for a wider offering of games based on virtual reality (VR). Currently clunky, for the most part, future VR games are going to be much easier to use and enjoy, leading to an almost completely live casino experience through digital channels. This has already begun, and things like virtual poker and some casino games can offer a life-like experience already.

It’s a proven fact that younger generations prefer spending more time online than anywhere else. They order food online, shop online, communicate online and game online. This isn’t a fad that is going to go away; it’s a trend that will only become more pronounced in the future. As a result, the ability to gamble online is going to become more popular, and AI is helping smartphones become more adaptable to different scenarios – slower Internet connections, slower phone processors, etc. AI is able to instantaneously adapt the gaming experience to the given situation, ensuring that gamers are always able to carry on seamlessly. This will lead to a greater user experience, and help drive iGaming as the go-to solution for virtually all gamblers.