AI is allowing casinos to create safer, more secure gaming environments for gamblers

Two of the aspects of online gambling operations that receive special attention – considerably more than other industries – are the customer service area and overall customer experience. This sector that offers services that feels much as a product is always seeking new ways to retain their customers, so online providers are constantly thinking of making the gaming experience immersive, enjoyable and as fun as possible with the goal of tempting users to repeat the experience. As iGaming continues to evolve, so are the tools that are being used with the intention of enhancing the customer experience, with the most recent trend being artificial intelligence (AI). Its impact is starting to be evident among online operators.

Investing in the safety of the operations is something that benefits the company in many ways, especially building up the trust that customers have in the operation. A person that trusts a company will come back again. AI is being used as a means of recognizing threats and protecting against them; this is possible thanks to the use of a list of predefined threat signatures but also because it can identify new malicious behaviors.

Another aspect in which AI has been improving the customer experience is by helping operators give more tailored recommendations that would be of interest specifically to a particular customer. Something similar is already happening at giant eCommerce companies, such as Amazon, so they recommend products based on the person’s current interest. It sounds simple, but behind it, there is a complex design of a series of algorithms that can calculate the interest of the player based on the data collected about the customer’s demographic profile and viewing history.

Another area of iGaming operations that is starting to adopt AI innovations is customer service. The number of people needed to give assistance to customers is the most common challenge when thinking about handling a large volume of requests. However, AI is starting to take care of the simplest tasks through these chatbots that continue learning every day. In the near future, these machines that learn from experience will be able to provide high-quality, fast service for every customer, so humans can be employed in more productive tasks or for those things that bots can’t handle as well.