The use of AI-enabled customer service tools continues to increase dramatically

One of the areas of industry operations in which artificial intelligence (AI) has been seen the most is customer interactions, which is evident in the popularity of smart assistants like Siri or Alexa, as well as companies that have chatbots upfront to assist with basic inquiries. This is an area in which the gaming industry can get quite an edge considering that companies that provide entertainment are usually more focused on keeping their customers beyond happy. The area of customer service is being slowly transformed by the most recent AI advancements, which are already giving a major boost to the gambling industry.

According to a recent report called “The Art of Customer-Centric Artificial Intelligence: How organizations can unleash the full potential of AI in the customer experience,” the Capgemini Research Institute investigated those factors that are causing customers to be more willing to adopt new AI technologies. Among those reasons, customers seem to trust more the technology, perhaps driven more by human-like interactions and the information these chatbots can already provide. But one major factor that has pushed things forward sooner than expected is new situation brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has increased the deployments of AI-based tools, particularly in the online gaming sector that took on a lot of the volume of gamblers who were not able to visit land-based facilities for months.

As people are being constantly exposed to AI, they are also increasing their preference for interacting with AI-based tools. The future, however, is bound to bring even more of that interaction with machines and even less with human customer service agents. The use of touchless interfaces is becoming integral to the customer experience in a health and safety-conscious world, which are being implemented in several companies nowadays. Land-based casinos could implement the virtual assistants that can interact through voice commands with each gambler to provide a more personalized service while keeping their staff safe.