Virtual reality is turning into a major part of casino operations

There are certain industries that are more suitable to become a testing ground for new emerging technologies than others. The gaming industry offers many opportunities for artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) to continue their development, and these latest technologies have been slowly but steadily transforming the industry. On a certain scale, the gambling industry has been serving AI and VR to adapt and improve. Both technologies can also be integrated and transform the customer’s experience permanently.

Putting the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic into perspective, it is clear that people need a good source of stimuli to avoid negative impacts on their mental health. VR has been improving a few issues, like latency and better graphics, and, as it gets better, it could transport players to new scenes and venues that look so real it can engage people for hours.

Imagine a person that enjoys the noise and crowded environment of a Las Vegas casino having the possibility of putting on a VR device and get lost inside of the world’s most famous casinos. On the other hand, AI comes to add value to the VR experience. Through data collection, AI has the power of improving the responses of the games and characters to be found inside of these virtual worlds, for example, more personalized interactions with a casino dealer that can make someone feel like the most valued customer.

The human is a social being, and sometimes online technologies fail to offer an experience that can be integrate more than one person. There are several companies working on VR experiences that can integrate real-life groups in complex situations; for instance, having a crew wearing VR headsets to fight together to play a paintball match. The casino industry can integrate an online VR world in which people can interact with each other inside of a Monte Carlo casino without leaving their house or gambling location. This pandemic has demonstrated the fragility of the human being. In the case that people are doomed to be on lockdown for even longer periods, VR and AI can present itself as the best source of entertainment.