SenSen will deliver a new gaming experience for the major UK casino

The UK’s Hippodrome Casino appears to be opening its doors to technology. According to reports, the gambling company is looking to stay ahead of the curve and has decided to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) from SenSen Networks, representing the Australian company’s entry into the European market.

SenSen’s idea is to become a partner capable of bringing its Sensor AI solutions to the Hippodrome, the five-story gaming property in London. Through these solutions, it can recognize and detect bets on gaming tables while extracting operational data that is essential to the operation, such as the value and number of each player’s bets, side bet analysis, the pace of play, and much more.

Most important of all, this information is analyzed in real-time, so that the operator can put it to immediate use for greater efficiency. Much of this data is used to improve customer service in casinos, and management, in an effort to make that goal a reality, has decided to give AI a try.

“Currently, we are part of multiple trials for our AI solutions with several casinos globally, and with COVID-19 restrictions easing, we are confident many of these trials will move to production roll-outs in 2022,” SenSen CEO Subhash Challa states.

The contract between SenSen and the Hippodrome is for three years and will be based on the trials conducted at the casino during this period. Installation of the equipment is expected to begin in the next few days, with February being the month for it to be completed and begin operation. The timing seems ideal as it would coincide with the ICE London 2022 International Gaming Conference in the first three days of the month.