Artificial intelligence improves the way iGaming operators approach daily activities

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a topic on everyone’s lips lately. This is largely due to the emergence of tools such as ChatGPT, which promise to cause a real revolution in how the internet is used. While the public perception of AI is that it is a “future” technology, the reality is that it has been around for a long time, and in unsuspected places like online casinos. The iGaming industry has been revolutionized thanks to this technology.

In online casinos, AI plays a key role in analyzing data. This is particularly useful for the casino, since, through machine learning, the casino and the developer can collect statistical data on the game rounds. Several purposes benefit from that, such as understanding which online slots are more attractive or even which features are players’ favorites. This makes it possible to improve future gaming experiences and offer specific promotions for each player.

Online casinos sometimes have customer service chatbots. These programs use AI to understand users’ questions and provide the right answers or solutions. Many times, this saves time for both the online agents and the customer, and usually, when dealing with a more complicated issue, the program transfers the chat to a human.

It is well known that online casinos are particularly interesting for cybercriminals, because it is very tempting to get a slice of the money flowing, either through hacking attempts or various scams. Online casinos, therefore, have advanced platforms that rely on AI to detect and prevent fraud. For example, AI is able to detect bots that play automatically or use stolen credit cards. Cybersecurity is now on another level.