iGaming operators are able to increase customer satisfaction with the help of AI

The iGaming industry is, without a doubt, one of the industries that has grown the most in recent years, and this growth is due, among other things, to its ability to adapt and adopt new technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI) is, precisely, one of the technologies that this industry has acquired as its own, and that allows it to optimize not only the platforms where casinos operate but also the game offer and the experience offered to the player.

In order to offer the user an improved experience, the casino uses data analysis through AI to establish a pattern of player behavior and thus be able to devise products that are in line with their preferences. This is the case of promotions that are adapted to the user’s way of playing, which makes it possible to anticipate what new customers will prefer in order to offer them the best bonuses and thus distinguish itself from its competitors. In addition, this same data analysis made possible by big data is also used to determine which games and modalities attract the most players so that the casino can concentrate on optimizing these products.

In addition to this, there is customer service. This aspect can undoubtedly make the user experience go from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes. That is why it should be given special priority in the online casino industry. AI allows the use of chatbots or conversational bots that interact with the user in real-time. The main advantage of conversational bots is that they not only maintain a conversation and are able to respond to the user’s questions, but also, thanks to automatic learning, they learn from these interactions. This makes them true experts in customer service.

With this, the overall experience of online casino players has been taken to a whole new level, all thanks to AI.